ISTH basic science task force supports early career scientists and researchers

ISTH basic science task force supports early career scientists and researchers

Basic science and research are fundamental elements of disease understanding and processes, yet it can often be underfunded or receive less support than other areas in the field. The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) developed a Basic Science Task Force to identify research opportunities for basic science in hemostasis and thrombosis, particularly for young researchers.

In addition, the Basic Science Task Force was asked to develop a set of recommended priorities to build support in the thrombosis and hemostasis community and to inform ISTH basic science programs and policy-making.

In 2023, the Basic Science Task Force has revitalized its mission and recently launched the ISTH Fundamental Research Career Development Awards to provide a research funding mechanism for early career basic scientists. View the 2023 recipients here.

The Basic Science Task Force is currently led by Wolfram Ruf, Robert Ariens, Nicola Mutch, Wolfgang Bergmeier and Mary Cushman, with a regular rotation pattern in place.

“The primary objective for the task force is to propose a measure to involve and engage more young people in the ISTH, particularly early career basic scientists,” said Ruf. “It is critical that we provide a sustainable funding system for these basic scientists, and we now have a commitment in place with the awards program to do that.”

The ISTH has also recently launched the Fundamental Research Workshop Grants to facilitate small, international meetings focusing on discrete topics within thrombosis and hemostasis. The application period to take advantage of this opportunity is now open. Apply here.

To learn more about the Basic Science Task Force, including the new Fundamental Research Career Development Awards, visit

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